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Strategic Plan

Our Mission: Provide education, skills, and a sense of self-esteem to the disabled, handicapped, impaired, elderly and youth through seagoing educational experiences, wildlife interaction and research.

Our Vision: Deliver exceptional education, skills and instill self-esteem for the disabled, handicapped, impaired, elderly and youth -- via resources local to major harbors nationwide – serving 10,000 people annually.

Our Guiding Values: 

We embrace an obligation to utilize our knowledge, skills and resources to execute our mission.

We monitor and maintain our service resources with safety and comfort in mind.

We listen to our service recipients and regularly reassess our services to better meet their needs.

We treat our service recipients with dignity and respect.

We conduct our professional dealings with honor and integrity.

Defining needs, problems of our service recipients:

Service recipients: We provide high-need services to the disabled (amputees and injured), handicapped (physically-limited with special needs), impaired (mental and senses), elderly (needing assistance to participate in outdoor activities) and youth (at-risk, inner city and those with little or no on-the-water experiences).

Needs statement: Our service recipients desperately need healthy outdoor educational experiences and to participate in research activities and interact with nature and critters in order to feel useful and empowered and to build self-esteem.

Problem statement: Few opportunities exist for disabled, handicapped, impaired elderly and at-risk youth to participate in seagoing educational experiences, wildlife interaction, skill-building and research activities.


Provide at-sea education, skills and self-esteem building opportunities to a growing number of needy people.

Involve the disabled, handicapped, impaired, elderly and youth in useful research projects.

Grow from a local base of operations to a nationwide organization.

Assessment of organizational capabilities: 

We have adequate resources and experiences to offer our services.

Resources include a charter vessel properly insured and equipped with safety gear and operated by a professional crew. Our human resources include a professional crew with decades of experience providing seagoing services. Our staff additionally includes people with experience in teaching, counseling, prosthetics, care-giving and living assistance for the elderly and youth.

Our staff and members of our Board of Directors have the business and organizational backgrounds necessary to expand our organization nationwide, in a controlled and cost-effective manner, as funding increases.


Build relationships with non-profit organizations serving the overall needs of our various categories of service recipients. These organizations will link us to the people we serve.

Increase the number of excursions and the number of recipients served as funding increases.

Escalate fundraising activities to support geographic expansion of our services.

Systematically expand our services to other major harbors with a nationwide goal in mind.