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Bentwing Story & Book

Bentwing Children's Book


“Bentwing” is a notorious local endangered brown pelican – with a handicap. One wing is bent, with feathers sticking out at odd angles. He manages to fly and hunt, but with great difficulty. Bentwing was born with his handicap and couldn’t keep up with other young pelicans. Poor Bentwing was often excluded from pelican games and gatherings, causing him to become a loner who laboriously hunted on his own.

One day while following baitfish on the surface of the sea, Bentwing noticed a fishing boat which appeared to be searching for the same thing, so Bentwing guided them to the action. Fishing was good for the boaters, who repaid his kindness with a fish. So began an illustrious career for Bentwing… helping fisherfolk and being repaid with fish.

Included in one group of fishers Bentwing helped, was a very appreciative veterinary surgical team. They offered to surgically repair the bent wing, but after much thought, Bentwing declined because he was happy having found a way to be useful and accepted by making his handicap his strength.

We want to use this story to help encourage our handicapped, disabled and impaired passengers to find ways to be useful, accepted and valued members of society. To make the Bentwing story a part of our curriculum, we will make each excursion a virtual search for Bentwing because we owe him a favor for helping us on a recent fishing trip. We will search the harbor throughout our excursion -- making our educational talks items of interest during our search for Bentwing -- thereby adding to the sense of adventure and purpose for our passengers.

Yes, Bentwing does exist and we see him around the harbor frequently. Our chances of spotting him on any given excursion are good. We may embellish his story somewhat, but no more so than any good and beneficial fish story. Our story will teach courage and resourcefulness and is intended to help folks find ways to grow and to feel good about themselves.

Bentwing brings home the message… “Turn your handicap into your strength!”